Why Study Chinese Dance?


The Chinese lasting appeal of dance that is with in with every raise of the hand, extension of the foot, expression from the eyes, and in every pose that is taken comes from one’s essence and can be traced back to ancient cultures. Regardless of where you are, this “Chinese lasting appeal” will always follow.


When learning Chinese dance, boys tend to have take on more masculine and strong postures. Girls, on the other hand, tend to display gentle beauty and restraint in their temperament while possessing an elegant bearing.


Chinese dance also teaches students about culture; through movement and music, they come to appreciate the implications Chinese cultural traditions.


Our dance classes for children help your child to keep in shape from a young age, and improve their temperament and self-confidence. Our classes will also increase your child’s flexibility and motor coordination ability, promote proper brain development, develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation, and heighten their appreciation for music,creativity and beauty.


Our exclusive teaching of classic Chinese arts shares the implications of the profound techniques, movements and culture of classical dance with traditional arts enthusiasts.


We are graced with the presence of folk dance teachers that have many years of experience in teaching, performance and choreography. Our teachers are able to conduct proper dance training classes for youth and adults and to provide students with ample opportunities to perform on stage.


Our adult fitness classes help women who love to stay healthy and in shape to cultivate a graceful bearing, increase flexibility, and maintain a balanced and healthy figure.


Striking a Heroic Pose:

Chinese Dance for Boys


There are many parents who are not willing to allow their sons to study dance and worry that dance would cause their masculine nature to become more feminine.

Actually, this is not the case at all. In China the accomplishments of male dancers are in no way inferior to female dancers. Noteworthy male dancers of outstanding talent range from Gu Zuoguang, an renowned dance educator from the older generation to Zhang Jigang, a celebrated choreographer and the head of the Song and Dance Troupe of the General Political Department in China, and even extending to Huang Doudou, a well-known young dancer.

Studying dance at a young age can not only help boys to stay in shape, correct their body posture,and strengthen their thinking capacity, but dance can also improve their emotion intelligence and the ability to master body language. Even if the student is not aiming to become a professional dancer, practicing dance will benefit him throughout his life.

From receiving proper guidance from a dance instructor,and especially for those who enrol in boys only classes, boys that practice dance will indeed be evident as possessing a strong, masculine and heroic demeanour.