What our partners say:

“I have the pleasure of working with Mr. John Zhang and the Phoenix Academy of the Arts in my role as an administrator for the York Region District School Board. Mr. Zhang and his staff are very professional and talented in their work dancers, musicians and artists. They provided an educational and entertaining presentation for my students during a Lunar New Year celebration last year.

Mr. Zhang and I have also spoken about the opportunity for his staff partner with my school to provide lunchtime or after school learning opportunities for my students, I feel that not only would this be an excellent way to encourage an appreciation of cultural diversity. It would also provide an outlet and example for students who are interested in pursuing creative arts for pleasure or for their profession.”

—Alison Hall,Principal Central Park P .S.

“This letter is in recognition of a valuable contribution by a non-profit art program, Phoenix Academy of the Arts to the International Language-Elementary Program at Alexmuir Public School, offering a cultural project to enrich the educational experience of our students of Cantonese.

John Zhang, the director of Phoenix Arts, was instrumental in organizing this cultural event…. Through this exciting partnership with the Phoenix Academy of the Arts Program, our students not only learn to sing and dance, but also explore themselves to creative and talents in music as well as cultural learning.

I am positive that the involvement of our students in this cultural and art project is valuable and worthwhile.The performance was a success, which were attended by hundreds of local parents and community members. Through the music and dance activities, students have learned to appreciate and shared their own culture and language with others.”

Mil-Ling Cheung,Program Officer, International Languages: Elementary/African Heritage Program
Continuing Education Department,Toronto District School Board

“As a staff member at Seneca College, our students and faculty have had the opportunity to witness performers from Phoenix Academy of the Arts dance at the 2012 Ontario College Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Championship that the College hosted March 2012.

Everyone in attendance was able to learn about Chinese classical and folk dance techniques as well as the rich cultural origins of this unique dance styles.

According to Mr Zhang, fans are viewed as good luck charms and expression of compassion.

Our staff and students all enjoyed the performances delivered by Phoenix Academy of the Arts.”

Dan Zaiontz, Sports Information and Promotions Coordinator, Seneca College

“Friendly environment, flexible schedule,professional teachers, customized individual learning plan, exposure to multiple art forms … our kids love the program!”

Alicia Wu, Parent