Past Events

2013 Chinese New Year Cultural Festival, hosted by TDSB Vice Chair Shaun Chen and Phoenix Academy of the Arts.

2012 World Dance Day Chinese Dance Showcase

World Dance Day-Chinese Dance Celebration, Splendid China Mall, April 29, 2012.

Presented by Phoenix Academy of the Arts, this two hour dance and musical performances showcase the diversity and the beauty of the traditional Chinese dance (including classical Chinese dance and ethnic folk dance). Most performers are teachers and students from Phoenix Academy of the Arts, Yang Yang Dance Studio, The Multi-Culture & Folk Arts Association of Canada, Golden Age Dance Group (金色年华舞蹈团) and a few other dance and musical groups in GTA. Every seat was taken and manymore members of the audience had to stand, but all watched the show with full enjoyment. Over 10 local Chinese media reporting groups came to cover this event.

The purpose of the event was to encourage more people to become interested in dance for health purposes and this event also served as a message from the World Internal Council (CID) for this year. It is expected that during this year, hundreds of people will come to registerfor a dance class or workshop at various dance schools including Phoenix Academy of the Arts.