Dance Instructors


                                                                                  Artistic Director: Lynn Li

With a Master’s degree from Beijing Academy of Dance, China’s top dance school specializing in classical Chinese dance, Ms. Li has over 20 years of performing and 10 years teaching experience. In addition, she has over extensive experience choreographing and supervising dancers and performers at China's national performing arts theatre. Ms. Li immigrated to Canada 3 year ago and she started her own dance studio just one year after she moved from China to Canada.

Former Artistic Director & Program Director:

Jenny Xu--- A graduate from Beijing Academy of Dance, China’s top dance school with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in traditional Chinese folk dance and classical Chinese dance, Ms. Xu has over 30 years of performing and 25 years teaching experience. In addition, she has over 20 years experience choreographing various high-level ethnic folk dances which are performed at large-scale dance and musical performances at provincial and national levels in China as well as all those large scale community festivals of the performing arts shows in GTA areas.

Ms. Xu was our Artistic Director at the Phoenix Academy of the Arts for 3 years and currently resides in Oakville, Ontario, running her own dance studio (Jenny Xu Dance Studio).

Yang Yang: Ms. Yang has 20 years experience as a professional dancer specializing in traditional Chinese folk dance .A graduate from China’s top dance school Beijing Academy of Dance, she also taught at the Academy and was awarded for a popular dance competition entitled “Zhongxin Cup”.

In 2007, she established   her own YangYang Dance Studio in Toronto and she organized a lot of festivals and shows of dance since she came to Canada.

One of Dai dance choreographer by her was awarded First Prize for “Moving for Health” Dancing Competition Show.

Currently she also teaches at Phoenix Academy of the Arts.


Julie Zhao: A graduate of Hubei Jianghan Normal College and Wuhan Music College with a bachelor’s degree, Ms. Zhao has a very professional educational background in traditional Chinese folk dance and classical Chinese dance plus her excellent skills in Chinese musical instruments. Also, she was a professional dancer at the government-run Wuhan City Dance and Song Troupe for 10 years. In addition,she had 10 years experience teaching Chinese dance and music before she immigrated to Canada in 2006. Currently, she is Assistant Artistic Director and also an instructor of dance and music at the Phoenix Academy of the Arts.


Wendy Su: Wendy started her dance training in Chinese dance as a young girl. She then received professional training from instructors at the Beijing Dance Academy. As a graduate of an art college, she has rich experience performing at various events and festivals. Her graceful bearing and postures are always admired in the studio.


Maggie Zhu: Maggie received 5 years of training in Chinese folk dance in China, and when she moved to Toronto, she started to take training classes in ballet, hip-hop, jazz,modern and African contemporary. She is currently completing her Honours Major in Education and Honours Minor in Dance Study (BA) at York University. She has 10 years experience in performing as a leading dancer.

Hanyi Liu


Ms. Hanyi Liu graduated from Hubei Arts School and has engaged in further studies at Shanghai Arts School and Shanghai Opera College. She has served as an actress, and has performed in and choreographed many dances including classical Chinese dance, red silk dance,Xinjiang dance and other folk dances. She has won the appreciation all audiences that observe her work. With over 40 years of experience in dance and performing, Ms. Liu has an extensive knowledge and understanding of teaching and performances. She excels at choreographing, performing and teaching dance and is adept in teaching various forms of opera and song to a variety of age groups.




April Kang


Ms. April Kang started to study Chinese dance and ballet at the age of three and has received 18 years of formal dance training. She has attended various dance competitions and has extensive experience in performing dance. Ms. Kang has five years teaching experience and holds a Dance Teacher’s certificate. She is excellent at facilitating rehearsals, or ganising performances and teaching specific Chinese and folk dances. Ms. Kang came to Canada 6 year ago, continued to study modern dance, Latin and jazz, and has attended many performances and competitions.