Registration and Regulations

A. The first lesson is a free trial class.

B. New students must pay a non-refundable registration fee of$10 (tax included).

C. The price for attending a group class (classes with 4 or more students) : $15 per class (tax included). Each class lasts for one and half hours.

D. Private classes (one-on-one instruction) : last for one hour and the price is to be determined based on the specific circumstances.

E. Each semester lasts for three months and requires a one-time payment for tuition. Payments for enrolling in a new semester must be made before the last class of the current semester.

F. If a student is ill or will be travelling or leaving the country, it is necessary to contact us ahead of time to report the absence.Students will be allowed to make up for three classes from which they were absent as long as we were contacted prior to the missed class.

G.  There are extra charges for providing performance attire and costumes.

H.  Payment methods are restricted to cash and cheque only.


Dress Code for Classes

1. Students are required to wear dance practice clothing and dance shoes.

2. Long hair must be tied back into a small bun.


Phoenix Academy of the Arts will provide dance clothing and shoes at the following prices:


Dance practice clothing:

$25 (tax included)


Dance shoes:

$10 (tax included)