What is Chinese Dance?

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Chinese Dance History

Classical Chinese dance descends from a unique dance lineage. In its early stages, it was mainly passed down among the folk artisans and through members of the imperial court, and as was an part of ancient theater. Over the years, dancers reorganized, refined, experimented with and reworked the dance form to produce the extraordinary system known as Classical Chinese dance today. Classical Chinese dance is part of the inspired heritage of China’s five-millennia-old culture, and having been built upon China’s deep-running, traditional aesthetic tradition, the dance form provides a means for Chinese culture to continue to be passed on generation after generation.


Chinese Dance

            –Unique Beauty

Chinese dance is not merely about exploring posture, gesture and movement techniques, it is the seamless succession of of this essence and an exhibition of the performer’s grasp of the artistic quality; it is about fitness and elegance, the beauty of the body in motion, and the controlled expression of strength and power.


Why Chinese Dance?

“Chinese Dance is exquisitely beautiful, elegant, and has a rich historical background. It requires a lot of dedication, skill and discipline. Chinese Dance educates people of its origin and culture through magnificent dance stories. I have so much respect for this unique art form–so much so that I am thinking of introducing it to my seven year old son and four year old daughter.”

——Anna Kovarsky-Steingold, Owner/Director, Bayview School of Ballet