Welcome to ESL Centre

Our Program

  • Spoken English Classes from beginners to advanced level
  • Small classes; possibility to provide 1-1 or 1-2 tutoring customized
  • Our goals: to support and assist immigrants and newcomers to Canada to develop English language skills necessary to be successful in working, living and as members of Canadian society.  
  • This program provides each Learner the opportunity to grasp the social, and cultural aspects of the English language in Canada through the teaching of  speaking, listening, reading and practical writing.


Join us by registering via email:  eslclassgta@gmail.com

What we teach
  • Conversation
  • Practical grammar & vocabulalry
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Canadian Culture
  • Opportunity to network and social activities with Canadians

Levels and Teaching Strategies

Beginners Level --- also called the Non-English Proficiency Stage


  Students at this stage are not ready to actively produce language.   They are listening

  and beginning to respond and show that they understand by using nonverbal signals.


Students in this stage demonstrate the following: 


·   respond in a nonverbal manner

·   memorize written or spoken works and phrases rely heavily on pictures to understand tests

the Developing Fluency Stage

·   demonstrate limited comprehension especially of written language



Intermediate Level --- also called  the Receptive Language Stage.


  Students can attend to hand-on demonstrations and illustrated stories with more

  understanding.   They can give one-word responses, and initiate a conversation by

  pointing and using a single word.   As receptive vocabulary expands, they can respond

  nonverbally to a wide range of vocabulary items.   Students in this stage demonstrate the



·   improved understanding of basic interpersonal communications (BIC)

·   comprehend about 20% of the academic content they hear

·   inability to comprehend most textbooks

·   writing limited to 2-5 word sentences

·   large gaps in vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension



Advanced Level III --- also called the Developing Fluency Stage


Students are able to communicate their thoughts more completely.   They can participate in everyday conversations without relying on concrete contextual support.   Some can use the telephone in situations in which little previous context has been established.   Students in this stage demonstrate the following:


·   an ability to express ideas on a wide range of topics

·   an ability to comprehend develop mentally appropriate material

·   an ability to write to convey meaning and understanding

·   small gaps in vocabulary and/or grammar