Featured Class: Dance for Youth and Adults

This popular class is designed for students 14 years and older,with or without previous studio training. You will learn to coordinate your movements, acquire a graceful posture and dance with timeless elegance. Explore your potential and discover the beauty inside yourself!

We honour the Chinese tradition and culture while collaborating across cultures and generations. We provide training programs for professional dancers, pre–professional dance students and dedicated amateurs as we seek to unite all Canadian cultures through the art and practice of dance.

2014 Summer Program for Professional, Adult, Youth, and Children!

Title: 2014 Summer Program for Professional Dancers
Course1: Ethnic Folk dance
Course2: Classical Chinese dance
Special Project for making a choreographic work
When: July 7 - Aug 23, 2014

Title: 2014 Summer Program for kids aged 5-14, beginning and intermediate levels

We offer flexible Day Time/Lunch Break/Weekend Classes to meet all your needs.