who we are & what we do

welcome to phoenix academy of the arts. we are a registered charitable organization dedicated to art education and cultural exchanges, specializing in classical chinese dance, ethnic folk dance and music plus esl and language & cultural learning, with the mandate to promoting multiculture via performing arts and esl language & cultural teaching by conducting various workshops, presentations, performances, teaching and training sessions with the creativity, innovation and excellence.

for performing arts, our professional training programs focus on developing a strong, vital connection between the artists and the audience through our post-show activities. chinese dance is a unique art form. we feature work that is rich in content, imaginative and exciting to watch. our goals: to educate and inform the artists and audience about chinese dance and its many forms, disciplines and artistic viewpoints through open discussion sessions and uninhibited dialogue; to educate artists on how to better prepare themselves for future show productions and related activities; help artists with their individual success and enable the success of the diverse community.

with the recent establishment of our esl language & cultural learning centre, we work in collaboration with our valued community partners including agincourt community services association, agincourt esl centre, centre for immigrant and community services (cics), oriole community centre, policultural immigrant & community services, and tdsb (toronto district school board) for various culturally diverse dance, music and language programs and classes. we provide services and educational programs to meet the needs of the diverse community of all ages, and particularly serving new comers and immigrants.

learners of all ages and from the most diverse cultural backgrounds come to participate in a unique, first-class training program in classical chinese dance, music and fine arts. phoenix academy of the arts promotes cultural awareness and appreciation of traditional arts through performances, exhibits, exchange programs, workshops, publications and various productions. from this we provide students with many opportunities to perform and showcase their talent throughout the year. we have a dedicated team of professional performers to perform all the year around at various upcoming events and activities for diverse communities,organizations and festivals.

phoenix academy of the arts is a bridge that connects students with artistic expression and a journey of discovery and learning; whether you are seeking training to begin their careers in arts or to be prepared for the challenges of further education in arts, or if you come just for fun or a lifestyle, phoenix academy of the arts provides them with the tools to required succeed. in addition, we work and collaborate with public tdsb (toronto district school board) for regular dance classes plus an annual cultural festival where we provide a stage for students and program participants can perform what they have learned. we also established partnership by working with york university's dance department for regular workshops, presentations and for co-hosting dance and music performances and we also want to express our heart-felt gratitude to professor mary jane warner who has provided enormous contributions via her expertise skills, knowledge and leadership as our special advisor to the principal & artistic director.

our high quality training programs, on-going events, festivals and performances are proudly supported and partly funded by various government agencies and/or foundations, including the citizenship and immigration canada (cic), the federal government's summer job program for students, the ontario government and the city of toronto and scarborough arts.

your journey of success starts here at phoenix academy of the arts. we hope every one will find their experience with us to be rewarding, successful and one that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. enjoy and have fun!

our services include the following but not limited to:

-workshops and performances of chinese dance and music all year round with dedicated professional dancers/musicians

-professional translation services (english and chinese) with native canadians to do proofreading and editing

-one-on-on or small class for esl & english tutoring with a focus on listening, speaking, vocabulary and more

unique services for you and the diverse communities

chinese dance class

girls bearing practice


girl dance class


adult dance class